Term of Service

By visiting and buying products at Dekgrafis.com, it means that you agree to the terms set by Dekgrafis.com, as follows:

  1. You agree not to duplicate, redistribute, or resell the products you have purchased at Dekgrafis.com for any reason unless you get permission from the owner of DEKGRAFIS.

  2. You agree not to send original files that you have purchased to clients or in your project, for example, PSD mockup files. Using our mockup products, you can only send export files such as JPEG and PNG. This is done so that there is no distribution of illegal files or non-buyers of the official product. If you ignore it, you have violated a digital file distribution without the permission of the creator or copyright holder.

  3. dekgrafis.com sells digital products. Therefore we cannot return funds for products that have been purchased because of choosing the wrong product or for other reasons. Learn more about Refunds Policy here.

Service Information

Dekgrafis sells digital graphic assets globally, such as apparel mockups and 3D icons.

  1. If possible, every product sold will get an update, and Dekgrafis may update the file without further notice.
  2. All updated files can be downloaded via the email below after payment.
  3. You can download the files you purchased through the email received after payment. If the link you received has disappeared, we can still help it as long as it hasn't been more than 90 days after purchase.

Dekgrafis states that all provisions are made in good faith so that nothing is damaged and protects copyright.




Last updated on January 30, 2023